Foreign Language in Elementary School

FLES stands for Foreign Language in Elementary School.  Research confirms that young children learn languages much more readily than secondary students, and that learning a second language early is highly beneficial to cognitive development.  Moreover, in our increasingly global economy, people who speak and understand more than one language have a strong college and career advantage!

At Wellwood, students who are not in the Magnet Immersion Program receive approximately one hour of French language instruction per week.  French is taught with a strong emphasis on multiple intelligences, using gestures, images, written word, voice inflection, music, rhythm, movement, storytelling, art and drama to fully engage the brain in the language.   Students listen, read, converse, present, sing and write in French.

Each month, our newsletter will outline what language students are learning, so that families can practice and learning together at home.  Using French outside the school setting develops life-long learners who are curious about the world!

If you would like to know more about FLES at Wellwood International, please feel free to email our FLES teacher Mme Currie (